Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Great event! Thanks everybody....

We spent the morning shopping in Deptford Market where we bought some good greens to go with the bagancauda* and some Chinese delicatessen to treat the crowd. Katia and Giada couldn't stop looking at every stall and we all got stuck at the Rug 'n' Bone shop... where I got myself a charming green brooch. It will bring lood luck tonight!

At home Francesco turned the hobs on and started the long preparation of the vegetables as we ladies began the setting up of the front reception to present the elegant Ceramix collection created by CTRLZAK art & design studio.

By mistake the video projector was turned towards the bay window... and there we kept it! No need for extra lights in the room, and everyone from outside could see it as well. What a great discovery.... we will definetely repeat the trick more times!

We really hope you enjoyed our Eastern-Western Aperitiv: bagnacauda with peppers, celery and Chinese cabbage, salami della Duja, Chinese crisps and wasabi snaks, home made bread and bread sticks... and mulled wine.

For us it was a pleasure to have you there. The positive feedback we received will encourage us to organise more similar events! We love the Ceramix collection and it's for us a perfect example of how artworks can be beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Thanks CtrlZak!

And if you are stuck with your Christmas presents, just remember that the Ceramix design collection is still for sale!

Once more, thank you for coming and let's keep in touch.

Cristiana & Francesco
Troutbeck House

 * the bagnacauda is one of the most traditional dishes of Biella, in the Piedmont region, where we lived before moving to London. I's a creamy sauce made with oil, garlic and anchovies... don't trust versions with many more ingredients!

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